How to insert activation key

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Avast! Premier / Avast! Internet Security / Avast! Pro antivirus

  • Right Click the avast! Antivirus icon in bottom right of your desktop.

  • Click "Subscription Information" on pop-up window.

  • 1) If have an activation code, click the "Insert activation code" button.
  • Enter your activation code.

  • 2) If you have "license.avastlic", click the "Insert license file" button. ( SETTINGS > Subscription )

    • Choose the license file you received.
    • After choosing the file, click the "Open" button.

0. Try before you buy

  • All avast! antivirus products can be downloaded, installed and used for 60 days for free. This should allow plenty of time to try the program, experience the process of updates/upgrades, and determine the compatibility of avast! with your hardware and software.
  • for more avast! information, please visit

1. Where to buy

  • Our Online Shop at share*it
  • You can purchase avast! products at share*it in a simple, fast and secure way, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • There are plenty of payment options available, fully described here - but the fastest and the most secure way to pay is by Credit Card.
  • Answers to most of your questions can be found in the ShareIt Customer Care Center.
  • If you've tried avast!, checked the information about our online shop, and wish to directly purchase a license, you can BUY avast! products NOW.

2. Discount policy

  • Special Discount for : The discount is 50% off the list price for an educational or non-profit organization and 30% off the list price for a health or government institution. Please apply for special discounts using by the form.
  • Volume Discount for : Volume discount pricing is available for all our products. The price in the following price list is "per license". To obtain your total price, multiply the price of a single license by the total number of licenses requested. Your total price depends on the total number of licenses and the length of the maintenance contract.
  • If you meet special or volume discount conditions. Please apply for any special discounts using this form.